WILLBOLT® Injection Grout

ready-to-use, non-shrinking, sulphate-resistant cement mortar for injections and grouts



WILLBOLT® INJECTION GROUT is a ready-to-use, non-shrinking, sulphate-resistant cement mortar for injection and grouting. It is suitable for injecting and grouting anchors in rock, soil, concrete and masonry, and for filling joints, cracks and holes. The product can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as overhead with appropriate water dosing in the preparation phase. The product penetrates into the structure to be sealed, water is largely displaced by the viscous and hydrophobic mixture and hardens to form a stable and load-bearing cement mortar.
After curing, WILLBOLT®INJECTION GROUT provides a force-transmitting injection of underside voids in concrete, underground cavities or roof gaps in tunnel construction.




  • good pumping and swelling properties
  • water and frost resistant
  • chloride-free
  • low chromate according to directive 2001/53/EC
  • sulphate resistant
  • complies with DIN EN 1504-6 and can also be used as cement suspension for grouting injection hose systems
  • According to EN 13501-1 / DIN 4102 building material class A1 (non-combustible) approved for fire barriers
  • Can be laid vertically, horizontally or overhead


  • used for stabilization and consolidation of cracks in foundations, walls, tunnels and civil engineering works in general.
  • also suitable for the use of anchors, rigid anchors, cable anchors and all rock anchors with grouting technology



Granulometry (mm):0 - 0,125 mm
Compressive strength (MPa):after 24 h = 60
after 7 d = 80
after 28 d = 90
TDS & MSDS available upon request 


 Packaging form 

1050 kg Pallets42 Paper bags 25kg each
Other packaging forms upon request 


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