Moisture-compatible special primer


Product description

WILLPOX®1115 is a high-quality 2-component epoxy resin with high compatibility especially for problematic substrates: it displaces the film of water, closes up the capillary pores and consolidates screen and concrete areas.

Product details


  • low viscosity
  • a solvent-free, moisture-compatible, transparent, 2-component epoxy resin
  • high capillary action
  • a long-term form of protection against the carbonation of ferroconcrete surfaces
  • blocks water vapour, in accordance with the classification of DIN ISO 7783-2

Application examples:

  • as a primer under solvent-free coating systems
  • as a binder for scratch coats and equalizing coats
  • as a mortar resin
  • further applications in the annex


Technical specifications                       

Mixing ratio2 : 1
Usage         Priming 300 – 600 g/m²
Scratch coat approx. 600 g/m²
ToolRoller with 8 mm pile height
TDS & MSDS on request 


Packaging units

1.2 kgMetal composite can (6 per carton)
4.5 kgMetal composite can
10 kgMetal composite can
30 kgUnits
30 lMetal hobbock (A-comp.)
10 lPlastic container (B-comp.)
600 kgMetal pail (3x 200 kg)
Other delivery forms on request



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