WILLPOX® 1115 tixr

Rough primer for moist and residual damp substrates



WILLPOX®1115 TixR is a solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, non-pigmented, 2-component epoxy resin with excellent adhesion properties and development of a non-slip surface without additional quartz sand scattering. As a special primer for damp and problematic substrates, WILLPOX®1115 TixR is used for subsequent coating and sealing and as a binder for scratch coatings, especially for the laying of stone carpets. In addition, the product can also be used as a water vapour barrier in thicker layers. 



  • Highly viscous 
  • Transparent 
  • Non-slip



  • Primer on damp and matt damp substrates
  • Binders for scratch coatings and stone carpets
  • Water vapour barrier according to water vapour barrier according to DIN ISO 7783-2



Potlife at 20°C [min]35
Fully hardened at 20°C [days]7
Mixing density at 20°C [kg/m3]approx. 1100  
Mixed viscosity at 25°C [mPa.s]approx. 2650
Mixing ratio in parts by weightA : B = 2 : 1 
TDS & MSDS on request 



Combined Package (A+B) 4,5 kg
Combined Package (A+B) 12 kg
Combined Package (A+B) 10 kg

Other packaging units on request


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