Two-component polyurethane deck sealing (glossy)


Product description

WILLPUR® 2231  is a low-solvent, pigmented, lightfast and glossy 2-component reaction resin based on polyurethane, used as a special sealant on previously pore-tight primed concrete and cement screed surfaces, as well as on coatings (based on EP, PUR and PUA).
WILLPUR® 2231 hardens into a glossy surface and light structure, highly opaque and scratch-resistant, very high chemical-resistant and weather-resistant sealing especially for car dealerships, parking garages, exhibition halls as well as for decorative surfaces.


Product details


  • Tough elastic
  • Transparent or in colours
  • UV-stable
  • Glossy


  • Car dealerships, multi-storey car parks, garages, exhibition halls
  • Balconies, terraces and decorative finishes


Technical specifications                       

Pot-life at 20°C [min]60
Fully hardened at 20°C [days] 11
Mixing density at 20°C [kg/m3]approx. 1250
Mixed viscosity at 25°C [mPa.s]approx. 1000
Mixing ratio in parts by weight A:B4:1 (coloured)
TDS & MSDS on request 


Packaging units

Combined Package (A+B) 6 kg  
Combined Package (A+B) 12 kg  
Combined Package (A+B) 30 kg  
Other delivery forms on request 


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