A two-component, fast reacting injection resin


Product description

WILLFLEX®09 is a two-component, fast-reacting phenolic foam system, for use in mining and tunneling for fast and efficient backfilling of larger and smaller cavities. 


Product details

The product is suitable for:

  • filling of larger and smaller cavities
  • building fire protection dams
  • sealing of weather dams
  • avoidance of CH 4 - accumulation, avoidance of explosion danger by methane gas

The system use with different mixing ratio can causes the reaction time changes and mechanical strength changes.


Technical specifications

Compressive strength20 kPa
Foam factor> 40
Mixing ratio A : B4 : 1
TDS & MSDS on request 



It is intensively mixed volumetrically in a ratio of 4: 1 ( A-comp. : B-comp.) via a static mixer and the mixed product is either freely discharged as an instant foaming product into the cavity to be filled or injected via injection lances or self-drilling anchors into the cavity to be filled. Immediately after mixing the two components, the product forms an instant foam, i.e. it has no liquid phase but immediately forms a stable foam that can be built up very easily. This makes the time-consuming erection of shuttering largely unnecessary. The reacted product is stable with a low compressive strength (> 20 kPa), but it reliably prevents further expansion of the cavity in question.


Packaging units

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