Single-component, cement-based, ready-to-use dry-mix mortar


Product description

WILLIT® S-WS 30 is used for immediate closing of:

  • water ingress into rock, concrete and masonry
  • for sealing cable and pipe penetrations
  • for the surface sealing of cracks during injections


Technical specifications                       

Processing time at 20°C [s]60
TDS & MSDS on request 



Mix WILLIT® S-WS 30 with the specified water requirement to a plastic, easily deformable mass. The mixing time is approx. 15 seconds. Solidification occuw after approx. 90 seconds. Pre-form a plug from this mixture and hold it on a trowel or in the hand (use rubber gloves) until it has warmed up. Press this plug firmly into the break-out point - without moving the plug - until the water stops flowing. For longer cracks, seal from top to bottom.
Remove any protruding material flush. Then keep the repair area moist for at least 15 minutes.


Packaging units

Plastic bucket 25 l15 Kg
Other delivery forms on request 


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