Solvent-free, two-component epoxy resin bonding agent


Product description

WILLPOX® 1 is a solvent-free, two-component epoxy resin system free from alkylphenols and benzyl alcohol. The adapted reactivity and mechanical characteristics of the coating once cured make it particularly useful for sewer refurbishment using the inliner method.


Technical specifications                       

Mix ratio A : B3 :1 Gew-Teile
Pot life [min]30
Curing time at 12°C [h]8
Curing time at 60°C [h]1,5
TDS & MSDS on request 



The components are processed with a mixing ratio of 3 (resin) : 1 (hardener). Puncture the top container and allow the hardener component to run through into the bottom container holding the resin component. Ensure that all the hardener component runs through. Next, blend the mixture together very thoroughly using a mechanical stirrer at max. 300–500 rpm (drill running at low speed with a stirrer paddle attached). It is important to stir up from the bottom and around the sides to ensure that the hardener is distributed vertically as well as horizontally. Continue mixing until the mixture is homogeneous (approx. 2–3 minutes). Do not process straight from the original container. After mixing, decant the mixture into a clean container and stir thoroughly once again. Ideally, both components should be at a temperature of between 15°C and 20°C when being mixed.


Packaging units

Metal can 20 lComp. A 15,0 kg
Plastic 10 lComp. B 5,0 kg
Other packaging units on reques 



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