Fast reacting one-component injection resin

Product description

WILLSTOP® 1 is a high-efficient one-component system for sealing water leakages with high water flows. The product can be used to fill cavities in rock cracks, for soil stabilization and anchoring in gravel. The reaction times can be adjusted with a concerted amount of WILLADD® 1.

technical specifications

Start of reaction at 25°C & 10%~ 8
End of reaction at 25°C & 10%~ 46
Foam factor at 10% WILLADD®  ~ 70
TDS & MSDS on request 




WILLADD® 1 in an appropriate amount into WILLSTOP® 1. This mixture must be protected from air humidity. The mixture has to be injected via packers and pumps into the water-bearing zones and reacts only in contact with water. If not sufficient water is available for the reaction, it can also be injected (ideally 10 parts resin: 1 part water).

Packaging units

Metal can 20 l20 kg
Metal can 5 l5 kg
Metal can 1 l1 kg
Other packaging units on request




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