BOLTING technology

Loosened rock zones or convergence-related rock deformations can be controlled by using bolts in combination with injection resins.

When securing embankments, slopes, cuttings, traffic routes, as well as when securing roadways and piers underground in extraction sites or in general during tunnel driving, steel or also FRP injection drill bolts WIBOREX® in combination with our special anchor resins WILLBOLT® or cementitious grouts WILLGROUT® offer a maximum of safety and a decisive saving in time and costs. Due to their rheological properties, the resins also allow overhead processing.

This bolting/nailing is achieved by the WIBOREX® SD-bolt, a hollow bar that at first serves as a drill rod in unstable rock, then as injection pipe through which the bolt is bonded to the rock and finally after injection with resin systems such as WILLKAT® LV or WILLBOLT®, the original drill rod becomes a fully bonded anchor. WILLBOLT®, due to its thixotropic properties, also allows overhead processing. The WIBOREX® SD-bolting system is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces.


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Silicate resins