Sewer Repair

The term "sewer repair" covers all measures used to restore defective sewers to their nominal condition.

The goal of all these measures is the preservation of the substance. Various methods can be used to preserve the existing sewers by lining them with new materials from the inside. The range of all possible procedures for the rehabilitation of pipelines is wide. F. Willich has specialized in individual procedures, drawing on 50 years of company experience in the field of sewer construction.



Nicolas Houy

Head of Business Development Sewer Repair

Phone:+49 6873 9999 216
Mobile:+49 173 146 27 32

Anna-Maria Nalbach

Assistant to Head of Business Development Sewer Repair

Phone:+49 6873 9999 137
Mobile:+49 162 683 15 45

Jürgen Scholz