Two component solvent-free, polymer-, silicate-bound coating system


Product description

DIBt-approval: Z-59.12-445

WILLKAT® BS is used as a coating material in sewer structures and waste water engineering plants:

  • Pipes
  • Manholes
  • Digestion Towers
  • Flow Channels

WILLKAT® BS is also used as a coating in industry:

  • Lau Plants
  • WHG-Areas
  • Biogas Plants
  • Separator plants for fats and light liquids –
  • in collecting basins for chemical substances against aggressive media • biogenic sulphuric acid load, mechanical and chemical load


Technical specifications                       

Mix ratio A : B4,2 kg : 6,8 kg
Processing time at 20°C [min]15 - 20
TDS & MSDS on request 



The mixed coating material has to be applied to the prepared substrate by brush or spraying in a total thickness of at least 2mm.
If the coating is applied by brush, the first coat consists of a thin primer which is worked intensively into the substrate (to achieve a porous, void-free and perfect adhesion to the substrate) and immediately afterwards a first coat of paint of approx. 1mm thickness. After a waiting period of at least 6hours, the top coat is applied (surface must be tack-free and dry / temperature dependent)
The substrate temperature during application and 72 hours afterwards should be at least + 8°C and at most +25°C, the relative humidity should not exceed 80 % The material temperature should be at least + 10°C and not more than 25°C. During the complete application and for a further 46 hours, the processed surfaces must be protected against rain, sunlight and condensation. Layer thickness at least 2 mm.


Packaging units

Metal can 5 lComp. A 4,2 kg
Plastic bucket 10 lComp. B 6,8 kg
Other packaging units on reques 



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