In the optic of a sustainable construction, the repair and renovation of buildings is becoming increasingly important.

Polyurethane, epoxy, silicate, acrylate and polyurea resins are used in all areas of construction, whether in civil engineering, traffic infrastructure or hydraulic engineering.

For example, in highway construction, after detection of cavities, cracks or vertical slab misalignments, liquid resins are injected under the concrete lifting or fixing pavement slabs. Depending on the objective, special polyurethane resins such as WILLPUR® SL or silicate resins such as WILLKAT® FA are used. Due to their very fast strength development, traffic can be resumed after only a few hours. The maintenance measures carried out effectively and economically restore the original service properties and make a decisive contribution to extending the service life of the traffic routes.

In concrete and joint repair, polyurethane, epoxy or acrylate-based filling materials are an integral part of the repair work when it comes to closing cracks in an expansible, structural or swellable manner. Depending on the repair target, the applicator can choose from WILLPUR® CS an elastic crack filler or WILLGEL® PRO as a swellable crack filler.

For sealing water-bearing construction or movement joints, particularly expandable acrylate gels such as WILLGEL® SWIFT are usually well suited. Due to their low viscosity and the associated good penetration properties, their adjustable reaction time and their high extensibility, acrylate gels have proved particularly successful in the rehabilitation sector.