The binder is a polymer hybrid, suitable for all stone carpet coverings. This completely new product is fully moisture resistant, which allows it to be applied on wet substrates or during precipitation. There is no formation of bubbles, foaming, or curing problems as with conventional binders.

The binder is transparent and non-yellowing. This means that neither the appearance nor the naturalness of the selected gravel or stone fraction is impaired. The " non-sticky " formulation ensures a clean and simple application technique with sufficient working time until curing. After curing, the binder forms a weatherproof, UV- and weather-resistant high-strength film. Environmental impacts such as moisture, heat, cold, frost, etc., do not affect the resistance. The layers are fully drainable so that, for example, rainwater can seep into the soil unhindered. The product is solvent-free and can therefore also be used in interior areas.