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WILLPOX®2130 is a solvent-free, highly viscous and pigmented 2-component reaction polymer based on epoxy resin which is used as a sealing and painting material for cementitious substrates such as concrete and cement screeds as well as for reaction resin-bonded substrates, preferably on mechanically and chemically contaminated surfaces such as warehouses and workshops. As a deck sealer, WILLPOX®2130 is particularly suitable for use together with WILLPOX®1110 as a primer, or on WILLPOX®4160 universal spatulable and on WILLPOX®4192 renovation mortars. WILLPOX®2130 is used in particular for porous, uneven, sharp-edged cementitious substrates such as concrete and cement screeds, preferably on mechanically and / or chemically stressed surfaces.



  • Highly viscous
  • Opaque 
  • Abrasion resistant



  • General sealing on primers 
  • Deck sealing of concrete/cement-based coverings
  • Sealing of epoxy-based remediation mortar



Potlife at 20°C [min]20
Fully hardened at 20°C [days]7
Mixing density at 20°C [kg/m3]approx. 1,600  
Mixed viscosity at 25°C [mPa.s]approx. 8000 
Mixing ratio in parts by weightA : B = 4 : 1 
TDS & MSDS on request 



Combined Package (A+B) 2,25 kg7046 Telegreen 2
Combined Package (A+B) 4,5 kg7046 Telegreen 2
Combined Package (A+B) 10 kg7046 Telegreen 2

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