F. Willich offers a wide range of injection products based on polyurethane, silicate or acrylate resins with the product lines WILLPUR®, WILLKAT® and WILLGEL® for ground consolidation, depending on the soil properties and the application purpose.

Consolidation of soil by injection is an established method always when structures or traffic routes show settlements, when areas requiring repair must be stabilized by widening existing channels or tunnels, or when building in existing structures or when deeper foundations are to be made next to an existing building. Injection products are used wherever unstable, often water-saturated soil is to be kept stable or its’ mechanical properties must be significantly increased. The composition of the terrain, its granulometry, the bearing density and the water content, considering the injection goal, determine the most suitable injection material.

Among others, foaming and non-foaming urethane and silicate resin systems (WILLPUR® and WILLKAT®) as well as low-viscosity acrylate gels (WILLGEL®) with high penetration properties and adjustable reaction times are available.