Two-component, fast-reacting injection resin based on phenol-formaldehyde

Product description

WILLFLEX® 09 is a two-component, fast-reacting filling foam based on phenolic resin for the safe, fast and economical filling of cavities, for the avoidance of gas accumulation and for the sealing of mine workings in mine firefighting in mining.
The two components are conveyed in a volume ratio of 4 : 1 via a two-component pump and hoses and mixed and discharged at the discharge site by a static mixer. Due to the immediate stability and low density of the foam, no or only a small amount of formwork is required. The product is flame retardant, self-extinguishing and LOBA approved.

Technical specifications

  • compressive strength > 20 kPa
  • foam factor > 40
  • consumption approx. 25 kg/m³
  • LOBA approval

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLFLEX® 09 - A30 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLFLEX® 09 - B35 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLFLEX® 09 - A1240 kgIBC 1000 Liters
WILLFLEX® 09 - B1450 kgIBC 1000 Liters