Reaction accelerator for acrylate-based polymers

Product description

WILLGEL® FAST is a reaction time accelerator for the acrylic gels WILLGEL® PRO, WILLGEL® SWIFT and WILLGEL® Y for waterproofing, crack injection, joint restoration or soil stabilisation.
To produce a faster gel formation and a faster reaction end of the gel, WILLGEL® FAST is used as a substitute for the A2 component.

Technical specifications

  • WILLGEL® PRO with WILLGEL® FAST is reacted after approx. 45 s (20°C)
  • WILLGEL® SWIFT with WILLGEL® FAST is after approx. 15 s (20°C)
  • WILLGEL® Y with WILLGEL® FAST is reacted after approx. 11 s (20°C)
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WILLGEL® FASTTechnical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLGEL® Fast1 kgPlastic bottle 1 Liter