Two-component, very high foaming and very fast reacting silicate resin

Product description

WILLKAT® Foam is a highly expanding, slightly flexible silicate-based injection foam. WILLKAT® Foam has been specially developed for mining, civil engineering, and tunnelling for the safe, fast and economical filling of cavities. WILLKAT® Foam serves simultaneously to consolidate rock and soil and to stop water ingress.

WILLKAT® Foam is a reliable injection material for ensuring that tunnelling can proceed according to plan, particularly when approaching fault zones in tunnelling where there is a risk of rock outburst or rock failure due to a lack of bond strength.

Thanks to its low Reaction temperature, WILLKAT® Foam is also suitable for use in coal mines.

Technical specifications

  • hardened foam is mechanically easy to process
  • foaming start (20°C) 20 s
  • foaming end 45 s
  • foam factor 25 - 45
  • tested for effects on soil and groundwater
  • LOBA approval
Article designationData sheet / Download
WILLKAT® FoamTechnical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLKAT® Foam - A26 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLKAT® Foam - B24 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLKAT® Foam - A34 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLKAT® Foam - B32 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLKAT® Foam - A1400IBC 1000 Liters
WILLKAT® Foam - B1330 kgIBC 1000 Liters