Very fast-reacting, non-foaming, two-component silicate resin with good adhesive properties

Product description

WILLKAT® LV is a quick and solid curing 2-component silicate injection resin.The system is used for rock consolidation and for sealing water ingress, for consolidating fault zones in dry, damp and wet environments in mining and tunnel construction and as an injection resin for bonding injection drill anchors.

Product details

  • non-foaming, non-burning silicate resin with short reaction time
  • very good adhesive strength, even in damp conditions
  • low reaction temperature
  • cures independently of water
  • very easy to cut once cured

Technical specifications

  • flow time (20°C) 60 s
  • solidification time 80 s
  • bonding strength ~ 4.0 N/mm² after 1 hour
  • LOBA approval

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLKAT® LV - A27 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLKAT® LV - B21 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLKAT® LV - A37 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLKAT® LV - B30 kgPlastic can 26 Liters
WILLKAT® LV - A280 kgMetal drum 200 Liters
WILLKAT® LV - B220 kgMetal drum 200 Liters