2-component crack injection resin based on epoxy resin

CE marking according to EN 1504-5

Product description

WILLPOX® 7147 is a solvent-free and low-viscosity 2-component epoxy-based reaction resin specially developed for the friction-filling of cracks, voids and defects in dry or matt damp concrete or masonry structures.
It has very low viscosity and therefore penetrates well, even into finer cracks, and develops high compressive and flexural strengths. WILLPOX® 7147 permissibly ensures a permanently force-fit bonding of the crack flanks even on matt damp substrates.
WILLPOX® 7147 is used in construction and underground work for the force-fit injection of cracks in tunnels, reinforced concrete elements, dams and other structures made of concrete and masonry.

Technical specifications

  • mixing ratio 2 : 1 (vol.)
  • pot life 40 min. at 23°C
  • mixing viscosity 165 mPa*s
  • solvent-free
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WILLPOX® 7147Technical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLPOX® 71472 kgCombined Package 2 Liter
WILLPOX® 714720 kgCombined Package 20 Liters