Fast-reacting, two-component polyurethane resin with short reaction time

Product description

WILLPUR® WS-L is a hard-elastic polyurethane resin. It cures to a dimensionally stable injection material suitable for stopping water inflows or consolidating soil and loose rock.

Its low viscosity allows good penetration, allowing WILLPUR® WS-L to get into the tightest fissures, ensuring permanent consolidation. Although it is not a high foaming product, in contact with water or even just moisture, it fills smaller fissures and cracks, with the effect of secure sealing even against higher water pressure.

Product details

  • Consolidation in dry, wet and water-bearing layers in rock or cracks in concrete.
  • Sealing against water under pressure from rock layers, dams or shaft walls
  • Stabilization, repair and sealing work in tunnels, shafts and excavations
  • Stabilization and waterproofing in sheet pile walls as well as in anchorages.

Technical specifications

  • reaction time at 15°C approx. 1 min. 35 s
  • foam factor ~ 1 (without water contact)
  • foam factor ~ 4 (at 1% water)
  • by adding WILLADD® FAST (accelerator) or WILLADD® THIX (thixotropic agent) the system can be adapted to the on-site requirements
Article designationData sheet / Download
WILLPUR® WS LTechnical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLPUR® WS-L - A18 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLPUR® WS-L - B23 kgMetal can 20 Liters
WILLPUR® WS-L - A200 kgMetal drum 200 Liters
WILLPUR® WS-L - B250 kgMetal drum 200 Liters