One-component, water-reactive, highly foaming SPUR for sealing water inflows, reaction times adjustable

Product description

WILLSTOP® 1 is a high-efficient one-component system for stoping water ingress in building construction, civil engineering, tunnel construction and hydraulic engineering, to seal pressurized water cracks in concrete and masonry, to consolidate soil, for example in launch and arrival shafts in pipe jacking. It is also suitable for temporary sealing in the area of accessible sewers and shafts.

The reaction times can be adjusted with a concerted amount of WILLADD® 1.


Technical specifications

  • high foam factor ~ 70
  • reaction times can be adjusted between 1 - 10% (weight fractions) by adding WILLADD® 1
Article designationData sheet / Download
WILLSTOP® 1 & WILLADD® 1Technical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLSTOP® 11 kgTin can 1 Liter
WILLSTOP® 110 kgMetal can 10 Liters
WILLSTOP® 120 kgMetal can 20 Liters