Low viscosity one-component injection resin for soil stabilization

Product description

WILLSTOP® 42 is a dark brown, low viscous liquid. It is used foe the consolidation of non-cohesive soils and loose rock, for increasing the soil characteristics under foundations or other solid structures. When it comes into contact with water, it reacts and cures to a rigid polyurethane. 
By appropriate addition of the catalyst  WILLADD® 42, the resin setting speed can be adjusted to meet the requirements of temperature and processing time. 

Technical specifications

  • foam factor ~ 2 - 3
  • very low viscosity
  • solidified soils can be easily mechanically processed
  • reaction times can be adjusted between 1 - 2.5% (weight percentages) by adding WILLADD® 42
Article designationData sheet / Download
WILLSTOP® 42 & WILLADD® 42Technical data sheet

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLSTOP® 425 kgMetal can 5 Liters
WILLSTOP® 4220 kgMetal can 20 Liters