Single-component, cement-based, ready-to-use dry-mix mortar


Product description

WILLIT® S-KBM is used for all load-bearing bonds that require rapid strength gain.

  • Levelling manhole tops (underfilling)
  • Installing step irons
  • For grouting and building shafts, gullies and berms
  • Repairing concrete manhole rings
  • Thick-bed mortar for stoneware tiles
  • Laying sewer bricks


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                       

Processing time at 20°C [min]25
TDS & MSDS on request



WILLIT® S-KBM should be mixed directly at the processing site due to its short processing time (approx. 25 minutes at +20° ambient temperature).
Mix the mortar using a handheld mixer running at low speed (max. 300–400 rpm with a large paddle). Pour approx. 4/5 of the required quantity of water into the mixing tub and add WILLIT® S-KBM with the mixer paddle running. Add the remaining water little by little. WILLIT® S-KBM is ready to use after a total of 3 minutes of mixing and must then be processed immediately. Only mix as much WILLIT® S-KBM as is required for the task at hand. Do not process in two stages or batches as this can result in unreliable continuous load transfer properties later on.


Packaging unit

Paper/PE sacks 25 l25 kg

Other packaging units on request




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