Flexible two-component epoxy resin system

Product description

DIBt-approval: Z-42.3-557

WILLPOX® SP Flex 1:1 is a quick-reacting flexible two-component epoxy resin for the permanent, sealing and flexible connection of liners to the sewer shaft.

  •   Liner connection
  •   Expansion joint rehabilitation
  •   Muffles rehabilitation


Technical specifications                       

Mix ratio A : B1 : 1
Pot life (spreading time) at 20°C [min] 15
MSDS on request 



The two components are at least 1:1 in weight and volume ratio mixed for 3-4 minutes to a homogeneous mass. The homogeneous resin mixture is processed manually within the specified processing time. The processed resin mixture can be cured faster with heat.


Packaging units

Metal can 1 l  

Comp. A 1,0 kg
+ Comp. B 1,0 kg

Dual Component cartridges 400 ml

Comp. A 200 ml
+ Comp. B 200 ml

Other packaging units on reques 


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