Rock Consolidation

Rock consolidation by injection is a proven method for solving geological problems in mining and tunneling.

During construction of underground structures such as traffic tunnels, caverns, or mining activities for the extraction of raw materials, disturbed, i.e., unstable rock formations can lead to increased convergences.

The consequences are acute hazards for the driving or mining crew, a higher risk of damaged or even lost equipment, and increased void formation in the surrounding areas. When excavating underground structures with little overburden, there is a high possibility that rock masses breaking in have an impact all the way to the surface. Under these circumstances, safe, planned excavations, tunnel driving, or mining require forward-looking, plannable safety measures. Overburden pressures, water or even pressurized water cause known problems that can be prevented or solved with injection measures, as preventive measure or by managing the aftermath of a collapse.

The early consolidation of fault areas, unstable rock or loose rock masses by injection is a proven and effective safety measure where the application of F. Willich products has shown their quality in the last 40 years.