Limited soft elastic three-component acrylate gel

Product description

WILLGEL® Y is a low-viscosity, three-component methacrylate-based hydrogel with an adjustable reaction time that hardens to form a product with limited elasticity.
Due to the water-like viscosity of the mixed product, WILLGEL® Y penetrates easily into substrates, building materials and floors. The product is injected into the structure or soil using a special 3-component pump and is used in particular for
• Soil consolidation
• Sealing of water inflows
• Filling cavities in the presence of large quantities of water
• Bodenverfestigung
• Abdichtung von Wasserzuflüssen
• Verfüllung von Hohlräumen in Anwesenheit von größeren Wassermengen

Product details

The correct combination of the components together with water or WILLGEL® POLY results in a low-viscosity end product with good chemical resistance to many acids, alkalis, solvents, fuels, etc. WILLGEL® Y does not release any toxic substances into the soil or groundwater during the reaction or when cured. Product components not incorporated in the course of the reaction are rapidly and completely biodegradable.

Technical specifications

• low viscosity
• very good penetration behavior
• response times adjustable
• product is reacted after approx. 1 - 3 min (20°C) depending on the addition of the B component

Packaging units

Item nameSizePackaging
WILLGEL® Y - A120 kgPlastic can 20 Liters
WILLGEL® Y - A21 kgPlastic bottle 1 Liter
WILLGEL® Y - B0.4 kgPlastic bottle 500 ml