Rubber-elastic three-component hydrogel



WILLGEL® PRO is a three-component methacrylate-based hydrogel that cures to a rubber-like, flexible product.
Due to the water-like viscosity of the mixed product, WILLGEL® PRO easily penetrates all types of substrates, making it perfect for sealing fine cracks and stabilizing fine soils or porous rock/concrete. The product reaction time (curing) is controllable and adjustable, depending on the injectability and nature of the soil to be consolidated (e.g. temperature, size, depth of fissures and pore volume). The equipment used for acrylic gels can be cleaned with water, no special solvents are required."




  • low viscosity
  • high elongation capacity
  • Permanently elastic and waterproof
  • adjustable reaction due to the different mixing ratio of Component B
  • CE Marked

Main usages:

  • Fog injection
  • Stabilization of the floor
  • Masonry injection in horizontal barrier or surface injection
  • Cavity injection, e.g. joint filling
  • Crack injection in concrete
  • Sealing in microtunneling



Cure time at 20°C [min]

5 ± 1

Foam Factor: ~ 1
Mixing ratio in parts by weight
(A1 : A2 : B : Water):
20 : 1 : 0,4 : 20
TDS & MSDS available upon request 


 Packaging form 

Plastic Canisters 20l
Plastic Bottle 1l
Plastic Bottle 0,5l
Component A1: 20 kg
Component A2: 1,0 kg
Component  B: 0,4 kg
Other packaging forms upon request


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