Acrylate resins


Product description

WILLGEL® Y are Acrylate resins that have a extremely low viscosity (similar to water) and harden to form rigid hydrophilic (water repelling) compounds. They are used for the injection of very low permeability soils due to their ability to penetrate and stabilize them (i.e. sands), by transforming the sand to a rigid high strength soil. The resin reaction (hardening) time is also adjustable and controllable, which allows adaption of the injection material to the conditions on site (e.g. temperature and injection distance etc.). Acrylate resin injection equipment can be cleaned with water.


Product details


  • fast reacting Acrylate resin with extremely low viscosity (~5 mPas)
  • adjustable reaction time from 2 – 15 min
  • low swelling factor (up to 10%)
  • Equipment cleaning by water

Main usages:

  • grouting and uplifting in road constructions 
  • sealing of low permeable areas with lower infiltration rate.
  • consolidation of soil with low permeability (soil dams etc.)
  • Grouting of cracks, fissures with high content of small voids diameter below 0,2 mm)
  • filling of small voids
  • umbrella injection
  • Rockfill and Soil dams


Technical specifications

E Cure time (20°C):10 min
F Cure time (20°C):~ 2-70 min
Comp A1 & B Mixing ratio:1:1
TDS & MSDS on request


Packaging units

Component A1 (26l)Plastic cans à 24 kg
Component AV (1.5l)Plastic tins à 1.2 kg
Component B (0.5l)Plastic tins à 0.36 kg
Other delivery forms on request 


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