Fast reacting, non-foaming, low viscosity elasticized 2K silicate system



WILLKAT® BB is a fast-reacting, non-foaming, low-viscosity elasticized 2K silicate system with good adhesive properties, rapid strength development and high final strength especially for track ballast consolidation in railroad construction. WILLKAT® BB penetrates very well thanks to a low initial viscosity, with a very good bonding, is resistant to dynamic loads as well as to acids, alkalis, salt solutions and solvents and is compatible with concrete and steel. With fast curing and very high final hardness in a very short time.




  • non-foaming and non-flammable
  • Fast curing with very high final hardness of the 2K silicate resin in very short time (approx. 30 min after application)
  • Very good penetration due to low initial viscosity
  • Resistant to dynamic loads
  • Very good bonding
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, salt solutions and solvents.


  • Consolidation of loose material (ballast bonding).
  • Pavement stabilization
  • Consolidation and stabilization of ballast in the track bed
  • Strengthening of building structures (gabion walls)



Curing time (20°C) [min]6,5 ± 5
Foam Factor ~1
Volumetric mixing ratio A:B1:1
TDS & MSDS available upon request 


 Packaging form 

Tin Canisters 20lComponent A: 28 kg
Component B: 22 kg
Other packaging forms upon request


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