Silicate resin (slab uplifting of road structures)


Product description

WILLKAT® FA are injection materials that are used to stabilize dry, damp and wet zones in geological fault zones. Their low reaction temperature allow their use in the coal mining industry. Hardening of silicate resins is not affected by water, the cured resin is cuttable.


Product details


  • non foaming, non-flammable
  • fast reacting, flexible 2-comp silicate resin with excellent adhesive properties and a high final strengt
  • compressive strength: ,50 MPa after 10-20 days (depending on temperatures)

Main usages:

  • grouting and uplifting in road constructions 
  • to grout and fix road structures. 
  • to stabilize loos rock and soil
  • filling if minor cavities and small voids


Technical specifications

Cure time (25°C):5 min 40 s ± 30 s
Foam Factor:1
Mixing ratio:1:1
Compressive strengthAfter 1 hour ~48 N/mm²
TDS & MSDS on request 


Packaging units

Tin can à 20l (40l)Comp. A 28 kg
+ Comp. B 23 kg
Other delivery forms on request


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