Two-component, high-foaming and fast-reacting silicate-based resin



WILLKAT® Foam is a two-component, fast-reacting, high foaming, silicate-based system with good substrate adhesion that provides a tough, mineral foam with simultaneous low shear strength that allows cavities to be stabilized and rock layers to be loosened while allowing excavation of the consolidated soil by mechanized methods (TBMs, drilling or milling equipment). The main field of application is tunnelling, which is mainly used for rapid backfilling of cavities in both civil engineering and mining. Thanks to its low Reaction temperature, WILLKAT® Foam is also suitable for use in coal mines. The discarded foam is easy to cut and therefore does not stick to the tunnelling machines, which means that it can also be used in TBM cutting wheels to stabilize and seal loose rock or friable soils.




  • fast, high foaming silicate resin with short setting time
  • foams with and without water 
  • low reaction temperature
  • water and humidity do not affect the product
  • cured foam is cuttable, flame retardant, non-conductive


  • for stabilization of friable rock with high porosity and void ratio
  • consolidation of loose rock or soil
  • well suited for coal mining
  • Backfilling of large cavities
  • Consolidation of the heading face
  • Consolidation and sealing of loose rock
  • Effective immediately after application
  • Reacts under both dry and wet conditions
  • High adhesion with easy cutting
  • Self-compaction under pressure


Technical DATA

Reaction start time (20°C)20 ± 10 (s)
End of foaming:45 ± 15 (s)
Foam factor20 –  40
Volumetric mixing ratio A:B1:1
TDS & MSDS on request 


Packaging FORM

Tin Canisters 20lComponent A: 26 kg
Component B: 24 kg
Plastic Canisters 30lComponent A: 34 kg
Component B: 32 kg
IBC 1000lComponent A: 1400 kg
Component B: 1330 kg
Other delivery forms on request 


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