Dual-component polyurethane with good mechanical strength, high foaming factor and fast reaction



WILLPUR® HF+  is a hard-elastic is a dual-component, extremely fast-reacting, CFC- and halogen-free injection resin.
Upon injection, it foams and rapidly cures to form a rigid polyurethane foam that seals and stabilizes dry areas and, in the presence of water, provides




  • force-fit pressure waterproof rigid foam
  • fast reacting
  • heat insulating effect.
  • permanent waterproofing
  • adaptable injection system with addition of WILLADD® THIX and WILLADD® FAST


  • Filling of voids or stabilization of buildings.
  • Stabilization of dry and wet gravel beds,
  • sealing of openings, e.g. caused by pipes and cables
  • Stopping water leaks in cracks, construction joints or precast concrete elements.
  • Lifting concrete slabs in road construction



Cure time at 20°C [s]:80 ± 10
Foam Factor:~ 15
Volumetric mixing ratio A:B:1:1
TDS & MSDS available upon request 


Packaging form

Tin Canisters 20l Component A: 20 kg
Component B: 23 kg
Steel Drum 200l Component A: 200 kg
Component B: 230 kg
IBC 1000l Component A: 1040 kg
Component B: 1210 kg
Other packaging forms upon request


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