Polyurethane system, very fast reacting two-component injection resin

Product description

WILLPUR® WS is a rigid polyurethane (PU) injection resin. They harden to form a tough injection material that is used to seal water inrushes, or for the consolidation and filling of voids. Their low viscosity ensures good penetration into the rock strata to seal leaks and achieve durable consolidation. Polyurethane resins seal with very good edge adhesion and also have useful water-repelling hydrophobic characteristics. Although not a PU ’foam’ resin, these materials will foam slightly in contact with water and so will stop inrushes in a fast and effective way. Rigid PU resins are widely used in both Tunnelling and Mining.


Product details


  • Fast reacting PU resins with short reaction times and high final strength (<40 sec)
  • foams slightly in contact with water up to 3 or 4 times
  • modular injection system under adding of Will Add thix and Will Add fast
  • in combination of these above-named accelerators it reacts as an expanding foaming water stopping system

Main usages:

  • to consolidate unstable ground with fractured geology
  • to stop unexpected water inrush
  • to stop water infiltration and to seal structures like shafts, primary and secondary linings in runnels, miles and dams


Technical specifications                       

Cure time (20°C):20 ± 5 (s)
Foam Factor:1
Mixing ratio:1:1
Compressive Strength88 MPa
TDS & MSDS on request 


Packaging units

Dual component cartridges (400ml)Comp. A 200 ml + Comp. B 200 ml
Tin can à 20l (40l)Comp. A 21 kg + Comp. B 25 kg
Other delivery forms on request



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