Very fast reacting, two-component polyurethane resin with short reaction time



WILLPUR® WS  is an immediately setting 2-component injection resin, free of CFCs and halogens, for sealing and consolidating in water-bearing zones, especially against water under pressure.




  • fast reacting PU resin with short reaction time and high final strength 
  • foams easily on contact with water
  • adaptable injection system with addition of WILLADD® THIX and WILLADD® FAST
  • in combination with the above additives it reacts as an expanding, foaming waterstop system

Main usages:

  • or the consolidation of unstable soils with disturbed geology
  • stops unexpected water inflows
  • stops water seepage and is used to seal underground structures, shafts, as well as workshops, dams and tunnel linings


Technical data                       

Cure time (20°C)20 ± 5 (s)
Foam Factor (without water)1
Reaction temperature < 140°C
Volumetric mixing ratio A:B1:1
Compressive strength88 MPa  
Adhesive strength4 MPa
TDS & MSDS on request 


 Packaging form 

Double chamber cartridge 400mlComponent A: 200 ml
Component A: 200 ml
Double chamber cartridge 1500mlComponent A: 750 ml
Component A: 750 ml
Tin Canisters 20lComponent A: 21 kg
Component B: 25 kg
Steel Drum 200lComponent A: 210 kg
Component B: 250 kg
Other delivery forms on request 


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